KIU Hunza Campus offers Library open access to its students, staff and administration. In open access, Course books, journals, and other reading material are kept open on shelves as this university library is basically research oriented. There are 7000 books in our library including course reference books journals and other reading materials which are direct access of readers to academic sources without any barrier through librarian.

2-Computer Labs

            KIU Hunza campus offers two well equipped computer labs to its students. The basic aim of this Computer Labs is to provide Internet resources and carry out research activities over the internet. We have two computer lab with will equipment on modern bases.

3. Video conference Room.

KIU Hunza Campus in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Huawei Technologies has established video conference hall.  This facility offers the ability to hold video meetings with HEC and other Universities on a need basis and attending seminars and conferences nationwide as well as throughout the globe.

4.Transport facilities

KIU Hunza Campus provide Transport facilities to its staff and students with in the Hunza district from gulmit gujal to Nasir Abad Hunza. The university has limited transport including 2 student buses, 1 Hi-aces to transport students, faculty and staff to and from the University campus.

5-Medical Facilities

KIU Hunza campus has limited medical facilities The main objective is to provide First Aid in case of any Emergency in sports events. The section helps to provide treatment in local hospitals of seriously ill patients

6- Hostel Facilities

Our campus provides a hostel facilities to its female students ,Female faculties and female staff with reliable cost and friendly, environment. hostel is located at karimabad near KIU Hunza Campus

7- Cafeteria

            Our campus provides a cafeteria services to students and its staff. The food provided on cafeteria is standard and economical to our students.