The department started with establishment of KIU Hunza Campus in March 2017. Currently the department offers two programs, that is, BS Mathematics and M Sc Mathematics.


  • To prepare students with the basic knowledge and skills of mathematics that can be helpful in their professional career.
  • To make students able to understand mathematical language and guide them to study mathematics on their own.
  • To develop logical and analytical thinking skills in the students.
  • To prepare students for advanced study in mathematics and research.
  • To develop problem solving ability and make students able to apply mathematics to real world problems.


  • Use the acquired knowledge and skills of mathematics to pursue their professional career.
  • Make use of logical and analytical thinking abilities to study advanced mathematics and carry out research.
  • To apply mathematics to other related fields and solve real world problems.


  • BS Mathematics                (4 years)
  • M Sc Mathematics           (2 years)